7 Really Cool Things To Do With Your Loved One In Cuba
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7 Really Cool Things To Do With Your Loved One In Cuba

Cuba attracts millions of tourists with its history, sights, culture and charming mysticism. In the squares you can always hear the sounds of live music, retro cars run along the streets, and colonial architecture cause a sensation of the country frozen in time.

There are 7 ways to feel the spirit of freedom in Cuba and have a great time with your significant other.

  1. Rent an authentic Cuban apartment

In Cuba you can put at a hotel or separate house. The first option is more reliable, the second is more interesting. Book a room in advance or knock at the door with a special sign right on the spot. And do not forget to bargain! You can roost quite well even for 15$. Choose houses in old areas, for example, in Havana Viejo, where the spirit of prerevolutionary Cuba still exists.

  1. Take a ride on the train along the beaches of Cayo Largo

Sandy beaches of the Cuban island of Cayo Largo stretched for 20 km. One of them, unpretentiously named “Paradise” (Playa Paraiso), entered the top five beaches of the world in 2016 according to the version of Tripadvisor. Wear a bathing suit and shorts, take a seat in a small train and go on a sightseeing tour of all the beaches of the island. You will find out where to take a look at iguanas and turtles, where it’s better to do diving or snorkeling, and where it’s just great to lie on warm sand.

  1. Go for a walk around the favorite places of Uncle Hem

To visit Havana and not to explore the favorite places of Ernest Hemingway is a crime even for the one who missed literature lessons. Visit the house museum of the great American – the villa “Finca Vihia”, drowning in the green of palm trees, acacias and peacock flowers. Take a photo against the background of his favorite boat “Pilar”. In the evening, visit the cult bar La Bodeguita del Medio. Order mojito and sign on the wall – somewhere in a free place under the famous inscription of Hemingway: “My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridite.”

  1. Rest in Varadero

The most chic hotels, the cleanest ocean, the gentlest sand and the most relaxed holiday in Cuba you will find on the Icacos Peninsula, which is located 140 kilometers from Havana. These are the famous beaches of Varadero where you want to try everything at once: diving, snorkeling, sun bathing on snow-white sand, walking on the beach at sunset and observing cocktails of insane flowers. Also, there’s nothing to worry about: almost all the hotels here are “all inclusive”. It’s a perfect place for romantic holidays. You can learn more about the best places for relax on https://contactbrides.com/.

  1. Take a ride on a vintage car

Cuba is a car museum the size of an island. Wherever you look, everywhere are the Oldmobiles , Chevrolets of the most incredible colours, posh Buicks and even Soviet Volgas. Cuba has been banned from importing foreign-made transport for forty years. Therefore, retro cars that are considered a luxury item in neighboring Florida are at every step in Cuba.

  1. Have fun at the Havana Carnival

All weekends from July 15 to August 15 on the Malecon seafront in Havana are dedicated to carnival fun. Tradition was set up by black slaves, who celebrated the end of the sugar cane harvesting season and cooking of sugar. Now the Cuban carnival is a colorful holiday with music, dances and fireworks. Join a noisy procession with giant dolls and dance driving Latin American conga together with charming Cubans. Also take part in the ceremony of “christening the lanterns”, during which people sing songs for lanterns and sprinkle them with beer.

  1. Buy souvenirs

Choose cigars of old brands with the state label “Hecho in Cuba totalmente a mano” – for example, Romeo y Julieta, which have been produced since 1875, or Partagas, known since 1845. Still men carry from the island a sombrero and an attribute of a solid Cuban – Guayabera shirt, and women – colorful cotton skirts, scarves and different pretties. A steep souvenir will be a local coin of 3 pesos with the image of Che Guevara. Hunt for it in those places where the change is given in coins. In tourist places such coins are sold for 3-5$ apiece!

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