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5 Basic Tips For Traveling With Your Significant Other

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” Ernest Hemingway

Have you long been dreaming of fleeing together with your significant other to a paradise island for a long time, where would be only the sea, the sun, palms and your love? Excellent! But sometimes this rest becomes a real nightmare for two. To avoid mistakes and conflict situations, use our tips. So, there are 5 golden rules for a happy holiday with your loved one.

  1. Decide how you see your joint holiday

To avoid misunderstanding and disappointment, decide in advance that your preferences in rest are the same. Otherwise it will turn out that you like beach rest and want to lie on the warm sand near the sea, and he needs active rest and is eager to snow-covered mountains to learn something new and interesting. Discuss why you are going alone: to be together without strangers, to go crazy, to learn something new and amazing. Often the conflict arises even at the stage of discussion and turns to the bickerfest, then what can happen on vacation. Psychologists advise – prepare a romantic dinner, communication will be much easier in pleasant atmosphere.

  1. Plan your rest program in advance

Having decided on the place, try to make a program of your joint rest, at least in general terms. Search the internet for photos and reviews about your tour to know in advance which excursions you will surely order. This will give you the opportunity to quickly and accurately plan your vacation immediately on arrival. But you don’t have to run yourself ragged in advance – you may like a place and want to see it again, or you can find new friends who will invite you to go together somewhere.

  1. Avoid old unpleasant topics

It’s necessary to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. According to the poll, four out of five couples quarrel on vacation, and in most cases, the reason for the quarrel isn’t the circumstances of the rest, but the old problems. Therefore, if you don’t want to cloud the time of travel by a major conflict, don’t talk about topics that, as you know, don’t like your partner. Try at least on vacation to enable each other to be contented with life and abstract from the problems for a while.

  1. Count money

Vacation is a costly business. To begin with, it’s important to determine how much money your couple can spend on the tour and who will make a decision on how to spend it. In any case, everyone should have personal money in order not to ask a partner to give you for ice cream, a cocktail and other small things. If the trip is financed by a man, you should clearly know how much you can spend without his knowledge. And never toe the line – even if you saw the thing that you’ve been dreaming about for life.

  1. Give personal space

In ordinary life each of us has his own rhythm and hobbies. So let your partner smoke a hookah alone, or drink beer with new acquaintances, if he wants it, and don’t deny yourself the pleasure of playing a game of tennis, lying by the pool or going on a shopping. Give him the right to be without you, be bored for a while. However, don’t forget to offer him to “be bored together” – maybe he will agree to sit with his laptop in a shade near you.

That is the whole story. Learn about the most romantic places in the world on the best foreign dating site to make your vacation even much better. We wish you a pleasant holiday together! We hope that these tips will make your holiday unforgettable and harmonious. Relax together, it’s so nice!

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  1. Ini ada salah tulis di awal atau gimana mas Danan? Katanya ada 8 Golden Rules, tapi isinya cuma 5 hehehehe.

    Btw, emang traveling bareng -sama pasangan- itu sebenarnya enak-enak berbahaya. Kalau salah dikit, bukannya happy, malah jadi bencana. Yang terpenting dan akhirnya dilatih ketika jalan bareng pasangan adalah masalah komunikasi. Tentang banyak hal. Mulai dari yang memang krusial, sampai yang remeh temeh.


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